Art is all around us, and that fact is especially true in Rotterdam from 31 January until 4 February 2024. Lovers of art, design and architecture will find a city-wide celebration featuring various art fairs including @Art_Rotterdam, special openings of exhibitions in both museums and art institutions, as well as outdoor installations, pop-up shows and open studios. Art is everywhere!

Frank Taal Gallery is proud to show artworks by Daan den Houter and Tom Woestenborghs at Art Rotterdam 2024.

Be happy to find us in booth number 72!

Frank Taal Gallery is also showing smaller work at the fair by artists it is proud to represent: Alban Karsten, Astrid Busch, Bram Braam, David DI Michele, Dimitri Kruithof, Gerben Mulder, Hester Scheurwater, Isabelle Borges, Jan ten Have, Marilou van Lierop, Mike Ottink, Pieter Jan Martyn, Roderik Henderson, Saminte Ekeland, Stephen j Shanabrook, Tycho van Zomeren, Florens Kool & Vladimir Potapovv.