Vladimir Potapov

Vladimir Potapov

Regardless of class affiliation, the houses of the rich and the poor were decorated in the same way with amulets and icons, the same prayers were read, and the same religious rites were performed.


Rational and irrational go hand in hand and no Enlightenment and its consequences have changed the situation. Today, humanity is facing new challenges, the future has become less predictable, so people are increasingly thinking about the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Vladimir Potapov, artist of the Kunstdepot residence in the city of Goshenen, addresses the topic of new security. The city of Goshenen is surrounded by mountains and forests and fits this description of a refuge. Here the author studies the traditions of building Swiss bunkers and bomb shelters. Visits the bunkers of the first and second world wars. Gets acquainted with history of the local area. The exhibition will feature 11 paintings created during the residence, a video projection, a set of magical objects.

The New Security exhibition is about how people try to find a sense of security in a rapidly changing environment, using rational and irrational methods. Man has always sought to protect himself and his loved ones - this is the most basic and most ancient need.


Today, the list of threats to humanity can begin with environmental problems, global warming, the ongoing pandemic and now the change in the geopolitical balance caused by the war in Ukraine. An ordinary person is not able to influence these tectonic processes, therefore he is forced to seek refuge for himself, anticipating catastrophic consequences. Historically, man sought salvation behind the strong walls of castles, houses, and earlier in caves. From the earliest times, rational methods of protection were supplemented by magical practices, when spirits and gods were called for help. Man simultaneously created fortifications from the enemy and made amulets, amulets, read prayers and spells. The war sword was made by a blacksmith, who endowed it with sharpness and strength, and the magician or priest provided him with the accuracy of hitting and the hardness of the war hand.