Tycho van Zomeren

Tycho van Zomeren

The Netherlands, 1989, Utrecht, lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands



Light and space: two effects that are undeniably experienced when one enters Tycho van Zomeren's studio on any given day. A friendly greeting in an unlit corridor simultaneously predicts and contrasts what will follow: a room with high ceilings, pleasantly bright and looking tidy due to the incoming daylight. This space is where the artist produces his work conscientiously, leaving nothing to chance in the process. Clarity of light and space translates into boldness in his working method. Colours, shapes, and compositions are carefully weighed up and become concrete when they conform to their arrangement, as envisioned in the artist's mind. One cannot help but feel that this quiet, serene studio offers space – literally and figuratively – for the mentally creative and manually artistic process through which Tycho makes his exceptional art. 

The experience and viewpoint of the spectator plays a vital role in Tycho van Zomeren's work. In this way, light and space form practical elements of a workspace, but they also manage to penetrate the artist's canvases. In his most recent series, where silhouettes shrouded in darkness contrast with colorful, almost glowing backgrounds. At first sight, the dark, flat, forms contrast sharply with a bright space that seems to know no boundaries. Closer inspection of the silhouettes reveals subtle shading and a relief that approaches visible reality. Combined with the boundless, almost supernatural space in which they reside, they create an intriguing perspectival interplay.


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