Tycho van Zomeren

Tycho van Zomeren

The Netherlands, 1989, lives and works in Utrecht



Tycho van Zomeren's paintings explore the border areas of perception, such as the changing moments in twilight, where subjective interpretation is necessary to understand what is being seen. Viewers are deliberately misled. At first glance, the performances seem clear – almost bordering on the banal. Landscapes in large format, in backlight. However, the apparent photorealism dissolves as the work is approached, revealing brushed spirals and lines of paint, with nuanced transitions between dark undertones and bright tones. It is often impossible to tell whether the image is viewed from above or below, directly or mirrored in water. The sharp framing contributes to the feeling of disorientation. At the same time, the paintings radiate tranquility. The precision in the compositions is combined with a soft color palette, capturing a concentrated and contemplative moment in nature. These paintings, which are both realistic and abstract, invite viewers to explore the relationship between their eyesight and their formation of meaning. Each viewer is invited to enter into a personal relationship with it.


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