Bram Braam

Bram Braam

Visual artist Bram Braam (NL, 1980, lives and works in Berlin) deals with architecture and the constant evolution of our daily surroundings. He draws inspiration from the raw environment of Berlin, utopian beliefs and Dutch landscape.


By looking at public space through the eye of a sculpture, the artist has established an intimate connection to the city and its architecture. The city of Berlin is known for its many contrasts in rich and poor, slick and raw. It is these contrasts that the artist plays with and brings together in the work, reflecting upon the interest in the manufacturability of a city. 

While remaining close to its environment, Braam’s work offers a personal compilation of architectural references to street buildings, constructions and living environments that are essential to our perceptions of city and country. By contextualizing the dissolved materials, the work opens new narratives that reference the rapid and unrestrained development of Berlin and ultimately constitutes a contemporary expression of today’s urban cityscape.


- Sarie Nijboer -


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