Booth number 9 (Extended) – Art Rotterdam 2021 @franktaal Galerie

Rotterdam '21, the summer edition, was a party on many fronts. The fair was well attended, and the public clearly enjoyed that it was possible again! Fortunately for artists and gallery owners, this was also reflected in the good sales. In any case, we were delighted with all the positive reactions and results. Happy to present our artists, talk to many visitors, see familiar and new people, and be among colleagues again.

The four artists we presented had not been idle during the year, and we had to be strict in our selection for the fair in booth number 9. However lovely the fair was; in the gallery, the work always comes into its own!

To take a breather and take the time to properly prepare for the upcoming cultural season, we have decided to be open by appointment only this summer. But… with a great show and with a great interest in beautiful, special and small moments. We would therefore like to invite you to genuinly make an appointment!

In the main art space,there is an extensive presentation of the four artists shown by Frank Taal gallery at Art Rotterdam '21: new works by Bram Braam, Daan den Houter, Ties Ten Bosch, and Pieter jan Martyn, as in stand number 9, but then better, bigger and more!

The presentation room has also been completely redesigned. With works by Mike Ottink, Wolfgang Ganter, Jan ten Have, Gerben Mulder, Daniel Mullen and more.

You are therefore cordially invited for an exclusive visit to the gallery. Morning coffee or a glass later in the day or early evening is possible by appointment.

Please contact Frank Taal for this:
E: T: +31 6 41400927