Aeneas Wilder

Aeneas Wilder

Aeneas Wilder (1967, Scotland) lives and works in Japan.


Internationally renowned artist Aeneas Wilder closed 2013 at Galerie Frank Taal with the solo exhibition 'Transformer'. The Scottish artist lives in Japan and brings his impressive installations all around the world.


The monumental appearance of his installations is in close contrast with the impermanence of it in the setting of a museum or gallery. In this setting, his installations are often a response to the architectural qualities of the specific environment. This also applies to the installation 'Untitled # 178', at Frank Taal, consisting of 10.000 Eucalyptus wood slats. His non-fixed installations behold a hugely developed sense of geometric beauty, originality and courage. One tap can make the whole edifice collapse. Balance and gravity keep the building intact. The use of natural materials and geometric shapes are part of the themes that he uses. Wilder explores the possibilities of the natural using the artificial. His fixed outdoor installations are sometimes temporarily, such as the 18 meter high dome he made at Westend in 2009 along the Belgian coast Beaufort 03, and in some cases permanently, such as with the Verbeeke foundation, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Borgloon Belgium.


Tranformer will also show one of Wilders videos about the Tsunami in Japan, resulting from his personal involvement in this disaster. The video is a recording of the quest that he and his wife Naoko undertook, after the consummation, looking for loved ones. A number of artifacts, objects that seized him in this quest, are shown in the exhibition as a bear witness to this destructive ferocity of nature that is carved in our collective memory. Wilder also shows maquettes and drawings.


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