Tom Woestenborghs

Tom Woestenborghs

Tom Woestenborghs (1978) lives and works in Merkplas, Belgium. He received his Masters Degree Painter at the St. Lucas in Antwerp. He is a Laureate / postgraduate of the HISK.


In his new series of works, Tom Woestenborghs depicts this tension between social control and our subdued need to revolt. Like the Michel Houellebecq of the fine arts he dissects contemporary life as he encounters it in the form of magazine pictures, internet memes, videos and random photography. An observer rather than an activist he exposes the power structures underlying our highly regulated society. Unlike Houellebecq he’s not cynical, incorporating subtle nods – his own form of rebellion.


Woestenborghs composes his pictures with painterly intention. But his collage technique, typically involving seven or eight layers of plastic, allows him greater focus than paint. The contrast between the picture’s clarity and the ambiguity it embodies is greatly increased.


- Edo Dijksterhuis - April 2018


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