Tom Woestenborghs

Tom Woestenborghs

Tom Woestenborghs (1978) lives and works in Merkplas, Belgium. He received his Masters Degree Painter at the St. Lucas in Antwerp. He is a Laureate / postgraduate of the HISK.


Tom Woestenborghs is a visual artist who uses photographic image as the basis for collages. He collects and archives images from newspapers, magazines, videos and from the internet, to use them some other time.


If an artist takes existing image out of context and uses it as a work of art, then he has a purpose for that. As an artist you raise a social issue for discussion.


The work of Woestenborghs seems photographic, but in fact it is a collage technique, made up of many layers of adhesive plastic, up to twelve layers.  Trained as a painter, Woestenborghs switched to adhesive plastic because this material has a brighter effect than paint. The contrast between the picture’s clarity and the ambiguity it embodies is greatly increased. He shows his collages as 'paintings' but also as light boxes. 


The title of the series that Woestenborghs is currently working on is named: "Artistic midlife crisis or a storyteller: Nudes, abstracts and some flowers." Within this series, which runs parallel to his 40th birthday, the artist deliberately pushes aside the narrative. In this series, he focuses on a mainly introspective material investigation based on these 3 classical themes.


Extract from text for his publication "Artistic midlife crisis or a storyteller: Nudes, abstracts and some flowers."


By Edo Dijksterhuis, 2019


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