War as experienced by a western-european man


80x60 cm


For 'War as experienced by Western European man' we have to go back to the eighties and nineties. This is what explosions looked like in the first generation of computer games. The image quality of the shots in the first Gulf War was more or less the same as that in the games. And although for the first time we were able to follow the war almost directly on television, the poor image quality kept him at a safe distance and therefore an abstract concept. Today, the quality of war footage is perfect. But the overload of images, today's AI technology and the propaganda used on both sides of a conflict mean that these images cannot have the same impact. We can no longer trust our own eyes. We no longer know if what we see is real. But the people on the ground are really experiencing these wars. They have lost their innocence and the children have had to grow up faster.