Start Date

Sep 29, 2021

End Date

Oct 03, 2021

ART The Hague 2021

29 September – 3 October
Booth number 35

We are joining ART The Hague this year with works from Isabelle Borges, Ties Ten Bosch, Jan ten Have and Daan den Houter.

Isabelle Borges

Salvador, Bahia, 1966 Lives and works in Berlin

In her mostly abstract works, Isabelle Borges explores patterns and structures she encounters in the visible world. Her main focus is on the geometry of the spaces between things and the resulting spatial dynamics. She generates pictorial spaces that expand and contract evoking spatial fabrics in motion.

Artist Page Isabelle Borges

Website Isabelle Borges

Ties Ten Bosch

(‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1977) lives and works in Berlin

The praxis of Ties ten Bosch is characterized by a provocative surrealistic approach to actual everyday traces that we leave behind. I integrate these banal tracks with social, political, and current issues as a paradox and thereby alienate them from their everyday life. This often leads to works that result in an unceasing questioning of viewing habits and of sculpture itself. With these works, I create an alternative storyline of reality itself. It makes the viewer question everything that is part of our own presence.

Artist Page Ties Ten Bosch

Exhibition guide Skins 2021 

Website Ties Ten Bosch

Jan ten Have


The works of Jan ten Have consist of different materials, like the paintings done on porcelain, canvas or wood. All shapes and outlines of and within the paintings are askew, the colors familiar yet off balance at the same time. This forms only a small part of the vast oeuvre of conceptual art works by Ten Have.

Artist Page Jan ten Have

Exhibition Guide We Will Find It Jan Ten Have

Website Jan ten Have

Daan den Houter

(1977, Dordrecht) Lives & Works in Rotterdam.

Daan den Houter is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist. The visual language he uses to externalize his ideas varies from video, installation, and sculpture to activities where he allows the public to become part of the artwork. Money, identity, art, its granted value and generally accepted perceptions of these themes are what Den Houter’s work evolves around.

Artist Page Daan den Houter

Exhibition Guide NOU EN/SO WHAT  Daan den Houter

Website Daan den Houter

Review Art Rotterdam, Het Parool, 2021