Ties Ten Bosch

Ties Ten Bosch

Ties Ten Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1977) lives and works in Berlin. As an artist, he uses different channels in order to find his focus and to communicate with his viewers. Next to making his autonomous artworks, he was involved in different artistic projects like ‘Volksrekorders’ and ‘If Paradise is Half as Nice’. He ran his own artzine ‘hOUTSKOOL’, was part of the B.a.d-foundation, and works sometimes as a curator. Since 2014 Ties is represented by the Frank Taal Gallery.


My praxis is characterized by a provocative surrealistic approach to actual everyday traces that we leave behind. I integrate these banal tracks with social, political, and current issues as a paradox and thereby alienate them from their everyday life. This often leads to works that result in an unceasing questioning of viewing habits and of sculpture itself. With these works, I create an alternative storyline of reality itself. It makes the viewer question everything that is part of our own presence.

Although I try to grasp and control a certain process and method of working, I try to avoid to understand the outcome of my own work. I truly believe that in this way, the viewer has more chance to understand the work in his or her own way.


In my practice, the subject is the starting point. This results in a wide variety of approaches, different mediums I work with, and new aesthetic solutions to communicate my ideas. This is why on first view each series of works might look like they are made by different artists. But once you start to understand the way I look at the world, things will become obvious and clear.


A good work of art makes you look, and keep on looking. Until you have found an answer to its enigma, one must persist in looking. That is its primary function.



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My work often can be read in the form of ‘what-if’ questions: What if you spend a month in an empty water basin? (Pavilion, 2020), what if you start recycling a found medical archive in an abandoned factory? (Archive afterlife, 2019), what if you witness a scene that tells an unknown story (some other memory, 2019).

I tend to tell stories with an open end and invite the viewer to fill in the rest. Therefore, invitation and collaboration are a core part of my practice. The art creates an ongoing conversation between me, my work, and the viewer.

‘The better you know what the purpose of what you are making is, the less likely the viewer will be able to discover something in it for themselves.’

(Free translation borrowed from Micha Wertheim: Wat de beste kunstwerken met elkaar gemeen hebben: ze zijn mislukt / decorrespondent.nl / 22 juni 2018)




Solo Exhibition "Sweet Nothing" in 2017. Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn



Solo Exhibition "To Leave the Trace" in 2019.