A Razor With The Sympathies Of A Neck


2021 - 2022

40 x 50 cm

Made in paint, glass and more



A Razor With The Sympathies Of A Neck, Or, You Should Learn To Grow Yourself A Skin Before You Play At Scraping It With Razors Of Such Poor Quality. / The Spine Revisited; - After Francis Bacon And Degas. . . . She liked to have a cock and still wearing a strap-on she stayed there alone in the midst of her funhouse mirrors, losing in the images all notion of time and space, of her person, of her thoughts, and watching her fluid body she no longer knew if she was a man or a woman, it transformed her completely, around which her desires floated freely. This made her astonishingly mobile and she loved that. It filled her with wonder, it was a spell, pure magic. Nothing could come to disturb this happiness.