Start Date

May 14, 2022

End Date

Jun 26, 2022

Duo solo exhibition – Life Goes On | Gerben Mulder & Afterglow | Tycho van Zomeren

Frank Taal Galerie proudly presents the duo soloexhibition Life Goes On | Afterglow by Gerben Mulder and Tycho van Zomeren, opening on Saturday the 14th of May from 2 till 7 pm, presenting new works by both artists. This exhibition also serves as the debut of Tycho van Zomeren who will be represented by Frank Taal Galerie.

Exhibition Guide Life Goes On | Gerben Mulder & Afterglow | Tycho van Zomeren



Life Goes On | Gerben Mulder

Throughout his career, Mulder has developed a body of work that establishes a dialogue with a tradition of European painting, which spans from Velázquez’s children to the distorted figures of Edward Munch. With an iridescent palette, his portraits, his flowers vases and still-life paintings emphasize psychological aspects (melancholy and euphoria) and a subjective dimension of the images. New York Times art critic Roberta Smith situates this most expressive production in the gap between Raoul Dufy and Jackson Pollock. That is, between an essentially figurative painting with traditional themes on the one hand, and abstract expressionism on the other. His new works radically emphasize the materiality of painting, being conceived in a physical way. The gesture is strikingly wide, quick, and omnipresent. The spiral brush strokes, graphic-like, retro modernist mark-making bring a contemporary edge to this genre.

Gerben Mulder’s paintings are of figures caught at the moment of contorted darkness with their bodies and their desires hanging out in a ripe suggestive manner. The obtuse sexuality and hints of sorcery are all part of Mulder’s painting language that explores the darker side of the human experience. Mulder's works resonate with today and what we live, everything bursts and springs from everywhere. Fortunately, with Mulder we see light at the end of the tunnel.
Mulder’s approach is free and playful. His characters are half-man nor half-woman, half-black or half-white, his bouquets are flower imaginaries that defy the rules of nature.
Mulder creates images that become doors to another world, and there begins the journey.
Mulder has exhibited throughout the world in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including The 1st Liverpool Biennial UK, Kunstverein Cologne Germany, Boston University Gallery USA, Kunsthal Kade and the Museum of Contemporary art in Tucson USA (MOCA Tucson). His Sao Paulo based gallery Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel has been presenting him over the years at main art fairs like Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, The Armory show and at Frieze (London & New York). His works are in public and private collections in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia particular the collection of Sig Bergamin (Brazil) MOCA Tucson (USA), collection of Tanya Bonakdar (Galerie Tanya Bonakdar, USA), collection of Rachel Lehmann (Galerie Lehmann Maupin, United States), collection of Masashi Shiobara (Japan).




Afterglow | Tycho van Zomeren

Tycho van Zomeren's paintings explore the border areas of perception, such as the changing moments in the twilight, where subjective interpretation is necessary to understand the presented artwork. The viewer is deliberately misled. At first glance, the performances seem clear – almost bordering on the banal - landscapes in large format, in backlight. However, the apparent photorealism dissolves when one approaches the work. Brushed spirals and lines of paint reveal themselves, with nuanced transitions between dark undertones and bright tones. It is often impossible to tell whether the image was painted from above or below, whether it is seen directly or mirrored in the water. The sharp framing contributes to the feeling of disorientation. At the same time, the paintings radiate tranquility. The precision in the compositions is combined with a soft color palette, with which Van Zomeren has captured a concentrated and contemplative moment in nature. These paintings, which are both realistic and abstract, invite viewers to explore the relationship between their eyesight and their formation of meaning. The artwork invites each viewer to enter into a personal relationship with it.

CV Tycho van Zomeren