Start Date

Jul 01, 2021

End Date

Jul 04, 2021


The 22nd edition of Art Rotterdam is once again the meeting place for art lovers. In the inspiring context of the UNESCO-listed Van Nellefabriek, you can experience, discover and purchase new works of art. With a floor area of more than 10,000 m2, over 100 galleries are showcasing the work of up-and-coming and established artists. For this summer edition, there is lots to experience outdoors in the grounds around the building. In addition to large-scale works of art and installations, there are several food trucks with drinks & bites.


Art Rotterdam Floor Plan

Art Rotterdam Catalogue



Bram Braam

Visual artist Bram Braam (NL, 1980, lives and works in Berlin) deals with architecture and the constant evolution of our daily surroundings. He draws inspiration from the raw environment of Berlin, utopian beliefs and Dutch landscape.

By looking at public space through the eye of a sculpture, the artist has established an intimate connection to the city and its architecture. The city of Berlin is known for its many contrasts in rich and poor, slick and raw. It is these contrasts that the artist plays with and brings together in the work, reflecting upon the interest in the manufacturability of a city.

While remaining close to its environment, Braam’s work offers a personal compilation of architectural references to street buildings, constructions and living environments that are essential to our perceptions of city and country. By contextualizing the dissolved materials, the work opens new narratives that reference the rapid and unrestrained development of Berlin and ultimately constitutes a contemporary expression of today’s urban cityscape.

- Sarie Nijboer -




Daan den Houter

Daan den Houter (1977, Dordrecht) Lives & Works in Rotterdam.

Daan den Houter is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist. The visual language he uses to externalize his ideas varies from video, installation, and sculpture to activities where he allows the public to become part of the artwork. Money, identity, art, its granted value and generally accepted perceptions of these themes are what Den Houter’s work evolves around.

Den Houter observes society as a participant, then takes a step aside, analyses it, and touches a raw nerve by doing so.




Pieter Jan Martyn

Pieter Jan Martyn (1986, Kortrijk, Belgium) Master Sint-Lucas Lives and works in Avelgem, Belgium

Painter Pieter jan Martyn (BE, 1986) is an artist who conducts thorough historical research and knows which series he will be making in the coming years. For his first exhibition at Frank Taal Gallery, Martyn wanted to find out what he would paint if he could get rid of all the preparation and baggage. He relinquished control and his consciousness by collaborating with a well-known hypnotist. "A confronting experience," said Martyn.




Ties Ten Bosch

Ties Ten Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1977) lives and works in Berlin.

As an artists he uses different channels in order to find his focus and to communicate with his viewers. Next to making his autonomous artworks he was involved in different artistic projects like ‘Volksrekorders’ and ‘If Paradise is Half as Nice’. He ran his own artzine ‘hOUTSKOOL’, was part of the B.a.d-foundation and works sometimes as a curator. Since 2014 Ties is represented by the Frank Taal Gallery.