The Urge to Sit Dry



European / smoked oak, brass

40 x 40 x 282 cm

Series numbered, height adjusted per owner

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A global warming chair.


Why can't we do something about the endless stupidity of the unawareness for the upcoming disaster as like climate change?


A chair that makes us aware how far below sea level we live and acts as an invitation to discuss how global issues are affecting us. With rising sea levels due to global warming, this chair illustrates the need to stay safe in lower-lying regions. The unusually tall chair legs lift you above the tide, constructed out of blocks stacked in an act of panic. It is an iconic chair in a darkened wood made from smoked oak and mounted on top of blocks of light European oak, bringing the chair to a dry position. It stretches the imagination of the observer to the possibility of living on extensions.


This first edition of The urge to sit dry is calibrated to the sea level of my hometown of Rotterdam.

- Boris Maas