Untitled II



Screen-print, acryl, ink, and collage on handmade Indian paper. Glued and framed floating in white matt wooden frame 

150x100 cm



The basic postures of this figure come from the 1-minute drawings from a live model. The heads I painted from fashion models and the clothes I loosely screen printed in with a big screen that had a lace-print on it. I always try to combine different techniques in one image. I find they make each other stronger. The sirens are sitting in the harbor. I was listening a lot to the CD of Pablo Neruda poems, read by movie stars. There was one poem about a siren that gets abused in a tavern and she couldn’t speak but as soon as she touched the water and swam off all the bad experiences would wash off. I recognized the function of water as a cleansing method. The sea and swimming work the same way for me.