Transvoid 9


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  •     40 x 50 cm.   €      900,-                    Edition 15 + 2 AP                  
  •     70 x 90 cm    €    2400,-                    Edition 10 + 2 AP
  • 110 x 140 cm    €    4500,-                    Edition   5 + 2 AP

[We moved to the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada in 2004. A place among grizzly bears, moose, and mountain lions, far away from grocery stores, electricity, phone, television, or neighbors. Weeks would pass without seeing anyone. We became a crowd of four when baby Sid was born. To get to the nearest town, we drove for hours through mud, snow or ice. I started photographing other people who had to spend lots of time in their vehicles. A Native family from a first nations reserve going to town on Friday. A priest giving a sermon in a small church in a remote valley. A couple who couldn’t afford the rent of their apartment anymore and were now actually living in their car. A guy slowly dying on a parking lot. Another guy traveling to see his sick brother on the other side of the continent. This became TRANSVOID (awarded 1st Prize World Press Photo Fine Art, and other international awards)