Shooting Back #95



Photography archival pigment print on Hahnemühle

Edition 1/3 (1 AP)

90 x 67 cm

€ 3200



From the series Shooting back - curated by Water Keller - artist book edition 250


 “Scheurwater’s work evolves in the tradition of the self-portrait in photography. Think for example of Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexually charged visual provocations or Francesca Woodman’s erotic mise-en-scène, to name only two artists. Scheurwater‘s visual self-explorations extend the boundaries of another main topic in art history and photography: the pose. But in her pictures model and artist are one. Yes, this is sexually explicit work, but even more it is a curious and smart research about herself, where the artist looks at herself from both sides of the mirror.”  - Walter Keller