Favela Tower



Sculpture, mixed media

168 x 110 x 110 cm

€ 16000

The reason for this complex tower is the current one living situation as it occurs in large parts of the non-western cities. Cities such as Caracas and Rio de Janeiro can only be controlled in part, the rest of the city controls itself. This is visible in the way in which the living environment is created, via informally built houses, without welfare committees and the material using that is available. Born out of necessity and after
generating time status.
This mentality can be seen in Favela Tower. The tower was created in the course of 10 years. If all works are also Favela Tower an autonomous work; a self-contained sculpture. In front of Favela Tower is a pedestal designed inspired by the marble feet of trophies. This composition is been shown during Art Rotterdam 2017 and during the duo exhibition with Tim de Gier, 'Pars Pro Toto’ in Pictura in Dordrecht.