3DF Render



Oil acrylic ink on paper, framed

53 x 43 cm



Mike's paintings have evolved out of drawn graphic scores. Autonomous pictures cite 'volatile' installations or performances of sound and moving images. They are an alternative to a sound, photo, or video recording, which in his view, corrupt the moment of execution. These works resonate the ideas of David Bohm on 'Quantum coherence’: ‘The fabric of reality is a holistic medium where everything coexists with everything else’. The so-called 'Implicate Order'.

In tune with ideas of stretching perceptual borders, Mike Ottink designs and builds his own drawing and painting tools. Through collaborations, such as Amsterdam’s VHSUHF, he also creates musical instruments and techniques in the context of audio-visual performance. In an effort to evoke, experience, and express the invisible, as well as the inaudible, his works stand as the intuitive science: the alchemy of noise and the desire to find something universal and tangible within.