Start Date

Jun 20, 2013

End Date

Aug 10, 2013

AS FAKE AS REALITY - Erik Sep & Daan den Houter

Exhibition from the 20th of June until the 10th of August

Erik Sep - Sculptures

Reflecting upon reality forms a central aspect of Erik Sep’s (NL 1976) art. For the past ten years the artist has worked on an ever growing cityscape in which he recreates –a sometimes absurt– reality.

A time consuming process that in many ways can be compared to the creation and history of a ‘real’ city. Erik Sep’s non-architecture emerges in a similar way; it is continual process of building, demolishing, reordering and redefining.

For this exhibition the city is temporarily disassembled into separate buildings which are now put on show in a different presentation. This gives a completely new insight in the detailled universe of Erik Sep.

Daan den Houter - Paintings

Daan den Houter (NL 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist. Previous to his study at the Royal Art Academy at The Hague he studied artificial intelligence at the University of Utrecht. This course laid the foundation for his work as an artist. Den Houter is fascinated by the ways we subjectively give shape to reality as it is given to us and by our unconsciousness that has the ability to make us adept to this reality.

In his work he focusses on the way we view the art world and he plays with our abilities to adept in order to change our perception of the mundane things around us. In this exhibition he presents his paintings.