Start Date

Oct 16, 2021

End Date

Nov 21, 2021

Floating spaces - Isabelle Borges

Opening 16 October 2 till 7 pm.

Influenced by Brazilian modern architecture and Bauhaus, Isabelle Borges creates large scale (wall-) drawings that with their colored lines conceive open geometric pictorial spaces. The artist was born in Salvador, Brazil, studied sociology in Brasilia and fine arts in Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, she moved to Germany, where she worked as an assistant to several artists in Cologne - including Sigmar Polke - and continued her studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She has lived and worked in Berlin for over 20 years and is represented by numerous galleries in Europe and Brazil.

For the exhibition Floating Spaces, she will develop a site specific wall installation in dialogue with the architectural space of the gallery. The two-dimensionality of the wall composition and the objects on the wall create an interplay of line and surface. The lines on the wall seems to open up an unseen space, expanding the perceived room. Borges is reaching for a balance of the total space of art, where the drawings extrapolates the edges , invading the walls, through luminous poetry of colors that pops up behind the objects, contrasting with the dark lines and the empty white space.

Through the use of geometry , she explores patterns between given structures of nature and its spacial dynamics. The pictorial space seems to be in a continuous movement , and the lines on the wall , the objects and the paintings seems to be somehow connected to one another .
Borges will also present a new series of paintings where she explores the relations between shapes, lines and colors.

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