Marilou van Lierop on show in Ghent

27 mei 2021 16:39
Momentary Cracks Exhibition of Marilou van Lierop will be on show at Onsteking Gent till May 30! DO NOT MISS!

Momentary Cracks

"In van Lierop’s video’s, photomontages, drawings and paintings: people often gather. Sometimes following arbitrary patterns, other times for a specific occasion, yet always surrounded by the allusion that what brings them together is more than just coincidence. Even though it is never mentioned. Or at least never directly. And just as with the landscapes – those evocative settings in which the narrative is lacking but all the more available – she proposes interhuman realities that can only obtain ‘truth’ in the observer’s perception; an act to which she effectively incites. She provides clues, referring discursively, suggesting social mechanisms and interpersonal dynamics; implying the invisible fabric woven between us, who belongs and who stands outside. All on the understanding that there are no anchors and no fixed perspectives, only an indifferent disorder that increases rhizomatically, will always be one step ahead of us, in every direction. As such, all the works are inescapably ambiguous, appealing both to the fascination for individuals who gather and the collective forces that drive them, and to the vulnerability of each congregation and the sinister capacity of crowds." - Jonas Lescrauwaet

The artist will present a selection from her oeuvre, brought together in our art-space.











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