Erik Sep City Artist Dordrecht

16 mrt. 2019 16:40
Erik Sep Dordrecht
Erik Sep will work as the artist of Dordrecht for the next two years. In the past three weeks he has been thinking carefully about what he wants to do, he says. "I want to be able to offer Dordrecht something that goes beyond making. To get something going in the city."



Sep achieved national and international fame with his work Neurotopia, a constantly expanding city on a miniature scale, which has been growing for ten years. He sees it as his life's work. "But now I get the chance to do things differently, maybe I'll get to work with life-size works," he says. "I don't want them to ask me because they know what they can expect and that I will only come to fulfill that expectation."


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Photo credit: Victor van Breukelen


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