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25 jul. 2019 15:04
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In this section we let a selection of art lovers – from occasional buyers to art professionals – talk about their perception of art and preferences: where do they want to see art? Where do they purchase art, and above all: from which artists do they buy? Below, an interview with Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg (Sr. Copy & Content Manager ABN Amro, musical director for the GOGBOT Festival)



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Is there a gallery with which you have a special relationship?


We genuinely love Frank Taal and his bold and daring "roster". The group of artists he shows continues to surprise us. Galerie Van den Berge presented a stand at Art Rotterdam 2019 of which we literally wanted to buy every work. I must have a special bond with any gallery showing Navid Nuur. Martin van Zomeren shows great work.


Who are your favourite artists?


Bram Braam: Bram combines minimalism and urban realism in a way that stacks story on story, yet never becomes explicit.


Photo credit: Gerliene Karssenberg-Schlijper


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