Pascal Bastiaenen

Pascal Bastiaenen

Pascal Bastiaenen (Den Bosch, 1981) is a painter through and through who has an incredible technique that is reminiscent of the old Dutch Masters. His work is characterised by a strong sense of social criticism, painted with a realistic touch. His themes refer to the economic crisis and governmental policies.


'In my paintings I transform negative emotions to tangible beauty' 

- Pascal Bastiaenen


The series titled “Je Maintiendrai” (I Will Maintain) by Bastiaenen is a direct reference to the front of the Dutch passport. However, the subjects of his paintings strongly oppose this motto. Where the lion is a well-known symbol for the Dutch nation, it is now a visual interpretation of those who rebel against it; standing atop a barricade fighting the police, or one another.


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Gelukszoeker II, 2018

Collection Stedelijk Museum Breda