Start Date

Feb 28, 2013

End Date

Apr 06, 2013

Profiler - Solo Exhibition Willem Besselink


At his one man exhibition ‘Profiler’ at Frank Taal gallery, visual artist  Willem Besselink acts as a profiler: he presents visual, graphic and abstract profiles of individuals and a wide range of everyday phenomena.

Willem Besselink makes observations and registrations on everything that surrounds us. Chaotic as that may appear, Besselink is fascinated by the structures and systems underlying all these things, which we normally don’t recognize just because of their commonness.
With utmost objectivity, Besselink gathers data on these ordinary events that subsequently serve as input for a wide array of works of art: paintings, stand alone art works and spatial installations.
Ranging from the ever-changing colour of his urine to personal calendars – such data, though recorded and visualized objectively, always result into highly suggestive and mind provoking imagery.

Part of the present exhibition is the iCal/uCal series, an extensive paintings project that Willem Besselink has worked on during 2012. He visualized all 52 weeks from his own personal calendar of that year, and on top of that 41 individual weeks taken from the calendars of 41 additional individuals. This procedure resulted into two series of paintings that at first glance may seem rather uniform. Upon closer inspection, however, all paintings offer a highly differentiated insight into both the differences as well as the similarities in the ways all 41 participants of this project have used the 168 hours in their weeks.

You are cordially invited to the festive finissage of the exhibition on April 6, 2013. On that occasion all participants of the iCal/uCal project may take their personal uCal painting off the wall to take it into their homes.