Start Date

Aug 30, 2019

End Date

Aug 30, 2019


A one-day exhibition with works by Italian and Roman - based artist Sebastiano Bottaro and site-specific dance performance, produces by Luca Elio Rimatori in collaboration with NIO Architects NIObasement.

Door open 19:00 hours / Performance 20:00 - 22:00 hours

The place of the performance is a limited field consisting of a large rectangle of sand on the floor: sand that is the geological structure of dutch Land soil and subsoil. The performance focuses on the idea of a repetitive gesture as a fetish form towards the medium in order to reveal the traces of movement of the Ego while transcending into its own empirical existence.

Perfect Gin Tonic beverage is a courtesy by the great Bobby's Dry Gin

- Dance whisperer
Ralitza Malehounova
Dario Tortorelli

- Soundscape
Itzik Vanunu

- Performers
Yulia Kalinchenko
Alina Fejzo
Nicole van den Berg


                                                                                                                                    ArtsTalk Magazine Review by Michael Hasted