Start Date

Apr 21, 2017

End Date

Jun 10, 2017

Other Spaces - Solo Exhibition Georg Bohle

Georg Bohle Solo exhibition “Other spaces”

The show is still on view until the 10th of June.

Georg Bohle (1977, DE) views the built environment and pristine landscapes as cultural metaphors that provide a context for his work. Some of Bohle’s drawings show graphic interpretations of textures and compositional structures from man-made agglomerations.

Other works display mountain sceneries with anthropomorphic rock formations. Within the tension between architectural and natural forms, between reality and otherworldliness, Bohle develops a growing series of imaginary landscapes. The ambuiguity of the imaginary and the familiar in Bohle’s drawings is reminiscent of Michel Foucault’s notion of ‘heterotopias’ in ‘Of Other Spaces’ (1967) in which he describes places of ‘otherness’. One may borrow this notion to contemplate Bohle’s works, for in his drawings there seems to exist a space of ‘otherness’; it is neither here nor there.

Georg Bohle lives and works in Rotterdam



Portfolio Other Spaces