Start Date

May 22, 2015

End Date

Jun 27, 2015


Erik Sep

Neurotopia - Solo Exhibition Erik Sep


The last 10 years, Erik Sep has been working at his ever expanding miniature city called Neurotopia. Parallel to our world, he’s searching for an obstinate reality, propagating a meaningful meaninglessness. Consequently he has chosen to approach the work as a permanent process of collecting, building, demolishing and reorganizing. Eventually the work is about this process: the ever growing city. Gradually suburban districts came into being, including their own piece of history. The process changed from building these districts piece by piece, to combining them into a larger agglomeration, using subversive city planning, including infrastructure, lighting and future building plots. The city’s identity will unfold during time. Neurotopia invites to wander through, to discover its new developments slowly, and questions its own developments at the same time. Out of a longtime collaboration (from 1998-2005 with Tjalling Visser) Erik Sep started his building process from what’s actually Neurotopia. In the period between he initiated different projects with a necessity to get help from other people. One special person in this story is graphic designer and sparring partner Maarten Mooren. Like a real citizen of Neurotopia he sprays the walls with his miniature graffiti. He also designs billboards for the city It’s symbiotic how his work fits to Neurotopia.



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