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Start Date

Feb 04, 2012

End Date

Mar 17, 2012

Mount Lucifer in paradise - Solo Rob Scholte

The name Lucifer is known in usage as the title for the devil, or the name of the devil right before his fall. Nowhere in the Bible the devil is actually called Lucifer. In fact, the name has been composed from two separate myth’s: from the judo-christian tradition of Lucifer who was the fallen angel and from classical mythology and the myth of the morning star. In Latin the name stands for ‘light-bringer’. However, within the visual vocabulary of Rob Scholte the name Lucifer mainly means a match. Sulfur sticks collected and presented in all the colors of the rainbow. A complete mountain range of matches and boxes.

Mount Lucifer!
In Paradise!

In a kaleidoscopic range paradise contains all countries, national flags, persons, animals, cars, airplanes, ships, brands, societies, political parties, histories, shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, sports, hobbies, proverbs, the arts, and on and on and on… Scholte’s artwork reflects a world without exceptions like a shimmering diamond.

Come and see!