Start Date

Mar 19, 2011

End Date

May 14, 2011

ON MARVELOUS THINGS HEARD - Hans van der Ham & Joncquil


The relationship between the inner world and the outer world take a central place in the works by Hans van der Ham (1960) and Joncquil (1973).

Without becoming dogmatic in any sense they play with symbolism, icons and clichés from the past and the present.

These themes form the anchor and motivational drive for the artists to each develop their technical skills in their own crafts. They both present the personal results of their art: a concentrated distillate, with which they create a common ground from which the viewer can derive his or her own interpretation.

Gallery Frank Taal is proud to provide a platform for this exhibition; however, at the same time we see the possibilities to present a greater concept by combining and confronting both artists.

The title On Marvellous Things Heard (or De mirabilibus auscultationibus) is derived from a collection of thematically arranged anecdotes that are attributed to Aristotle.

Photography by Danielle van der Schans.