Start Date

Jul 10, 2015

End Date

Sep 05, 2015

Kindred Spirits - Summer Exhibition

Finissage: Saturday 5 september

To give a good start to the new gallery season, the galleries in Rotterdam's Oude Westen present the opening of their new exhibitions collaboratively on Saturday 5 September. At Galerie Frank Taal we kindly invite you to come join us for the finissage of The summer Expo Kindred Spirits. Starting at 17.00 hours Cies de Theije will spin records from 19 - 21.00 hours.

Kindred Spirits

For this summer exhibition Gallery Frank Taal asked 5 of her artists to invite another artist they have an admiration for or feel an affinity with in their work:

Daan den Houter invites Aukje Dekker
Bram Braam invites Chris Bierl
Marilou van Lierop invites Bart De Clercq
Willem Besselink invites Jason Coburn
Phil Bloom invites Jurriaan van Hall