Start Date

Oct 04, 2013

End Date

Nov 07, 2013

Implicate Order - Solo Exhibition Mike Ottink


‘Implicate Order’

‘It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses, worlds are hidden of which we are unaware’

(Albert Einstein)

Mike Ottink

In his projects Mike Ottink playfully examines sensory perception and experience.
Intuitively he works on his own visual language in which transitions occur from one sensory discipline to another.

His current paintings have evolved out of drawn graphic scores.
Autonomous pictures cite 'volatile' installations or performances of sound and moving images.

They are an alternative to a sound, photo, or video recording, which in his view, corrupt the moment of execution.
These works resonate the ideas of David Bohm on ‘Quantum coherence’: ‘The fabric of reality is a holistic medium where everything coexists with everything else’. The so-called 'implicate order'.

In tune with ideas of stretching perceptual borders, he designs & builds his own drawing & painting tools. Through collaborations such as Amsterdam's VHSUHF he also creates musical instruments and techniques in the context of audio-visual performance.
In an effort to evoke, experience, and express the invisible, as well as the inaudible, his works stand as the intuitive science: the alchemy of noise and the desire to find something universal and tangible within it.

Frank Taal

The urgency of expression

"Don't take shit from anybody, always stand your ground."

Mike Ottink has never actually said this to me, at least, not in so many words, but something about the way he works – his general approach to life, music, art, etc. seem to say this all the time. His work is oozing with both raw-talent and ridiculously well cultivated skills, however, these attributes are guided by an overriding commitment to the pure foundations of what is truly important to art, life & music: the inspired execution, the punk-rock ethic, the urgency of expression."

Brian McKenna
artist, VHSUHF collaborator

Implicate order catalogue art book, Edition 20 copies signed and numbered Mike Ottink 2013 Graphic design, Sabine Verschueren