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Start Date

Oct 13, 2012

End Date

Nov 11, 2012

Hester Scheurwater - SHOOTING BACK - Solo Exhibition and book launch


Hester Scheurwater

SHOOTING BACK: Under the guise of self-portraits Hester Scheurwater investigates and criticizes the role of the woman as sex-object: “These mirrored self-images contain my fantasies and with them I try to react on the ‘imitated’ and ‘fake’ media-images. For they continually recall these fantasies without the intent to take these callings seriously. By do taking them serious I try to deconstruct their effects. Without becoming a victim myself. I invert the subject-object relation: my self-images show that I’m not a victim of the ‘sexual’ visual culture that is forced on us. I’m giving a self-conscious reply, by unabashedly showing what I feel and see is forced on us daily as fake.”

The artist book SHOOTING BACK had been composed by Walter Keller and has been published in a limited edition of 250 books by Gerber & Keller Zurich. Each book is numbered and signed and also accompanied by a signed print.