Start Date

Oct 24, 2013

End Date

Dec 15, 2013

Next Door Art Space - Allard Budding

Within the building of Gallery Frank Taal a new project is being developed: Next Door Art Space, a new exhibition space and platform for artist. Allard Budding will kick-off the opening of Next Door Art Space. The newly installed exhibition platform aims to become self-sufficient while providing the spectator with challenging art.

Allard Budding created Paint System 58, a full-scale installation that spreads along the floor and walls of Next Door Art Space. From the nineties onward Budding transforms spaces with lines, shapes and objects, building whole encompassing installations as to create – as the artist states – a ‘show-box’. A space is conceived of as an empty canvas in which the artist can step-wise add new elements. Without a preconceived design he goes to work and let himself be guided by the specific space and the ideas that arise. Though his method is based on intuition, the resulting art appears highly systematic. The arising field of tension is what Budding searches for in the meaning of his art. Sometimes the work suggests a specific meaning, yet this is done only to stimulate the proces of free-association. Budding wants that the spectator creates his own meaning. Paint System 58 forms a inviting starting point for the public and future artists of Next Door Art Space.