Start Date

Jul 27, 2023

End Date

Aug 27, 2023


The summer exhibition Dämmerung is exclusively opened during twilight; the moment of day in which the amount of sunlight declines, and the day transforms into night. During this exhibition, all fases of dusk will be addressed; from the so called 'civil' dusk - in which the human eye is still capable of detecting all small details -, until the 'astronomic' dusk, -in which the darkness finally takes away our sight- .

During twilight, our senses sharpen; as if preparing to hunt. By catching shadows, that will slowly crawl over the artworks, the visitors will experience the artworks as never before.

Twilight is not only a natural phenomenon: it also marks a mental area: a period that offers more questions than answers, which forces us to rely on mere interpretation.

Each work in this exhibition relates to the theme of twilight in its own way. Aldo van den Broek, for example, shows us scenes from Eastern Europe, in which civilians live in the in between of the communism and the following era. His black works are compositions of masked materials, likewise the deteriorated materials in communist architecture are often covered with a thin layer of masking plaster.

The work of WDKA graduate Vincent Zanni, departs from a whole different perspective: in his dark blue cyanotypes, he shows us slowly fading memories.

As the summer progresses, the days will shorten. At the beginning of the show, the artworks will still somewhat be lit by sunlight. But at the end of the exhibition, visitors must probably use some lights of their own, to reveal all hidden structures. However, the show won't be obscured completely, as it takes place in a city that never completely sleeps itself.

Curator Thomas Meijerman (Westervoort, 1995) graduated in 2020 from the WDKA and has since then, been studying dynamic natural phenomenon.

With works by:
Aldo van den Broek
Jessica van Deursen
Otto Egberts (1949-2019)
Jasper van den Ende
Johnny Mae Hauser
Daan den Houter
Marilou van Lierop
Pieter Jan Martyn
Mike Ottink
Marcel Wesdorp
Vincent Zanni
And others

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