Start Date

Sep 05, 2014

End Date

Oct 10, 2014

Connected 020@010

This year the Rotterdam based gallery owner Frank Taal and his Amsterdam gallery owner Roger Katwijk organize their exhibitions with each other’s artist. The area code for Rotterdam is 010 and for Amsterdam it’s 020, hence the title Connected 020@010. In June we kicked off with exhibiting the artists represented by Frank Taal in Amsterdam. Now it’s our turn at Gallery Frank Taal. We proudly present Connected 020@010 from the 5th of September till the 10th of October 2014, with the Amsterdam artists: Niek Hendrux, Bart Kelholt, Jim Harris, Tijl Orlando Frijns and Bert Loerakker. Behind the dual exhibitions lies the desire to provide the artists with a greater platform as to be seen by a wider audience. At the same time both gallery owners hope to provide new input for the art market during these difficult times.

As with the Connected 010@020 exhibition by Roger Katwijk, the current exhibition with a selection by Frank Taal will be balanced and yet present tension.