Start Date

Nov 28, 2014

End Date

Dec 20, 2014

Front Row - solotentoonstelling Jim Harris

28 november 2014 - 20 december 2014

Jim Harris was born in London (1968) and lives and works in Amsterdam.

"My work comes from observing my immediate surroundings. I paint on location with oils on linen and at times ink on paper. My choice of subject matter is always an intuitive one. What I paint is merely a vehicle to create an image.

The objects and spaces have in themselves no intrinsic value; that is decided on the picture plane. I always have in mind the observation of Sir Stanley Spencer, a painter I greatly admirer, who said:

"When I see anything, I see everything". It's an ambition of mine as a painter to emulate that artistic vision.

It is perhaps an absurd quest but I strive to discover the universal in the detail.”

(Jim Harris)

download hier de pdf Prijslijst Front Row Seat

Voor deze tentoonstelling van Jim Harris is galerie Frank Taal een samenwerkling aangegaan met zijn moedergalerie Roger Katwijk - Amsterdam