Patrick et Denise, Mauritius 1983



Epoxy, gold, x-film collage on dibond

Diptych, 60 x 80 cm

€ 7000



In this series of works, Tom Woestenborghs depicts this tension between social control and our subdued need to revolt. Like the Michel Houellebecq of the fine arts, he dissects contemporary life as he encounters it in the form of magazine pictures, internet memes, videos and random photography. An observer rather than an activist he exposes the power structures underlying our highly regulated society. Unlike Houellebecq he’s not cynical, incorporating subtle nods – his own form of rebellion.


Denise Tyack and Patrick Haemers conducted a series of lethal robberies across Belgium during the 1980s. These were extensively covered by the media that depicted them as a contemporary Bonnie and Clyde, romanticised idols for the unemployed, depressed readership.