Keep On Dreaming, 2018


A work about expectation and illusion,
a work about the future and dreams,
a work about individuality and togetherness,
a work about destruction and power.
"Keep On Dreaming 2018" consists of a series of 17 black concrete cubes with a size of 13 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm. Each cube has a signature of the artist, the title and a unique cube number from 1-17. In one of the 17 blocks in a copper tube is 20 notes of € 500; A total amount of € 10,000.
The other 16 cubes given fake money with no significant value.
For only € 1700 you are the owner of one of the 17 elements of the work "Keep On Dreaming 2018". Each cube comes with a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee statement that the € 10,000 in 1 of the 17 cubes. This statement has been signed by both gallery owners:
Frank Taal and Leo de Bie, by Piet Vollaard and the artist; Daan den Houter. They were all present at the creation of this work of art.

By purchasing one (or more) elements of the work "Keep On Dreaming 2018" you are co-owner
of the entire work "Keep On Dreaming 2018". All owners are responsible for keeping it instant
of the dream and thus the survival of the work consisting of 17 parts.
Every buyer is expected to leave this work intact. It is in fact prohibited under the Dutch Copyright Act 1916 to intervene in a work of art *. 


Concrete, copper, fake money or 20 notes of € 500

Series of 17 

13 x 13 x 13 cm

€ 1700 per piece