As if



Plexiglass, photoprint

150 x 100 x 8 cm

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The wall sculpture ‘As if’ is a remains of a larger installation which still relates to a theme of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard: the hyperreality. Hyperreality as Baudrillard describes it is about a world that has been created as a simulation and improvement of natural reality. The images in this world can refer to something real. a technical world where everything is fine and where fake can no longer be separated from reality. 


The installation consisted of three parts. Braam collected street furniture such as a Berlin trash can, road lanterns, a tree and building blocks. All objects from the public space that we see around us every day. The objects were merged and edited, so that the objects all had the same homogeneous structure and was stripped of its function. In addition, the sculpture was made entirely white, as a blank version in which the shape was purely accentuated. In doing so Braam dissected the objects from function to form. With this Braam aimed to show exclusively their sculptural qualities and place these everyday objects in a different context. A slice of a street, a fused coagulation of an outdoor space.


For the merging he took pictures of the surfaces of the objects. These photos are surfacing the plexiglass wall sculpture. This involves a transition from surfaces from one object to another. It is a play with the different structures and the rough signs of the street that were present on the objects making a contrast with the high glossy version in the plexiglass sculpture. In one sense there is a reference to the work of Donald Judd as can be seen in some of his other works.