Icepainting nr 14



9 ice paintings in one block

Unique work



The last 3 years den Houter is working on ice-paintings. These paintings exist of frozen paint, when shown
they slowly melt, ending in a pool of paint on the floor leaving a trace on the wall. The paintings transform
during their existence in shape and color. They drip and thus make a sound. The composition of the painting is
made using different techniques. Different colors on top of each other, transparency of layers and the
viscosity of the paint all add to the final image and transformation of the melting painting. With a series of
small paintings together a bigger painting is created where each individual painting influences the other
The paintings are confronting the audience with something elusive. As a sunset in the sky, always changing
beautiful but impossible to catch. It’s distorting and comforting at the same time. Almost unsellable, but it
is as a very exclusive experience; an artwork only two be witnessed by the buyer. Shared or consumed
A painting that directly transforms into a memory.

‘The last decade Daan den Houter has invariably managed to put his growing group of admirers on the wrong track. He has an unerring sense of aesthetics, which ensures the first draft of attention and keeps it there. But primarily Den Houter is a conceptual artist. The layers of his art function like a slight slope - while the spectator at first finds himself staggering, subsequently he regains his balance.’ Frank Taal, curator and owner Galerie Frank Taal