In Coffee We Trust


Six screens with pulp paper from coffee cups, framed

232 x 112 cm

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Traces of human beings are the main component of the work In coffee we trust. Ties shredded paper coffee cups that he found on the street in Berlin and made more than human-sized, hand-made paper sheets out of them. In addition, all kinds of elements that were in the paper cups at the time of finding, were processed. Such as cigarette butts and leaves. Moreover, we also see a lot of plastic, since paper coffee cups are not only made of paper, but also of plastic. All these elements are clearly reflected in the newly created paper and have thus become part of the artwork. The sheets of paper are still on the sieves with which they are scooped, creating the impression that the whole has just been made and placed there to dry. This creates a narrative lightness. The process can continue any time. By setting the objects up straight makes the irregularity of the coarse paper even more visible, creating the impression of a landscape. Ties Ten Bosch thereby underlines the beauty of everyday life.