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Start Date

Feb 05, 2011

End Date

Feb 19, 2011

THUIS - Een tentoonstelling met 20 kunstenaars thuis bij Frank Taal


Gallery owner Frank Taal has invited 20 artists to make a special work for THUIS. It is an exhibition in his home in the centre of Rotterdam next to the Laurens Church. His personal connection with these artists has been paramount to the selection of the group.

THUIS begins a discussion about being a curator and how the dividing line between work and home is often unclear. This is applicable in a lesser or greater degree to every gallery owner. The exhibition explores Frank’s deeply felt kinship to the artists who are invited to create a work in his house that will also be open to the public. The visitor gains a special, perhaps even a somewhat voyeuristic look into this reshaped interior and its personal and symbolic links between the artist and curator.

Willem Besselink, Richard Hutten, Anouk Griffioen, Hester Scheurwater, Mike Ottink, Harold Linker, Anique Weve, occypying, Daan den Houter, Saminte Ekeland, Judith van den Berg, Anne van Eck, Aeneas Wilder, David Adams, Hans Citroen, Rolf den Dunnen, Eelko Moorer, Mischa van der Wekke , Alexander van Merle, Paul Vinken.