Start Date

Jun 03, 2016

End Date

Jul 09, 2016

Snowflakes - solo - Marilou van Lierop

SNOWFLAKES, 114, 272, 309 - 14, 312 - 313

Preview: thursday 2nd of June from 16:00, till 19:00
Opening: friday 3rd of June from 17:00, untill 21.00
03.06.2016 - 09.07.2016

The work of Marilou van Lierop (NL, 1957) consists of photos or photo collages which she paints on. As a result, the meaning changes. The original context disappears and is replaced by a new one. Usually small or large groups of people are shown, sometimes immense masses. Not the individual, but the group is key. Initially she painted images of nature, landscapes, without limitation, different points of view were combined into a single work. Thus nature leads a life of its own, which is not subordinate to the human eye. In this way, the complexity and chaos are expressed. And it is this complexity and chaos, found in our social reality, which is the subject of her most recent work. Better said: our inability to deal with, and the strategies that we develop as a response.

The constructions we make, the stories we remember, are ways to escape these complexities. This collective thinking and these methods are exposed. Plans and grids are like a veil placed over reality; not because they necessarily agree with it, but these are the ordinances which we use to engage the world. It is like projecting the known into the unknown, into the "wild". It is scanning / searching for the floating, unspoken stories to be found between people / worlds.

Marilou van Lierop lives and works in Antwerp.


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