Start Date

May 12, 2012

End Date

Jun 17, 2012

Perrenial Conceits

Perennial Conceits

12 May - 17 June

Frank Taal invites Thomas I'Anson (1983), recent graduate from the MFA program of AKV | St. Joost, to co-curate the forthcoming show at Frank Taal Gallery entitled, Perennial Conceits. I'Anson since graduating has received serious attention for his work and we proudly invite you to join us for this very important show with work by:

Willem Besselink (NL), Frauke Dannert (DE), Rumiko Hagiwara (JP), Matthew
Hale (UK), Niek Hendrix (NL), Bas van den Hurk (NL), Dominique Hurth (FR), Thomas I'Anson (UK), Jordy Koevoets (NL), Alexander Voice (DE) and Robin Waart (NL).

This exhibition is the first of its kind at Frank Taal Gallery. 11 Artists exhibit in this exhibition all working, in many senses, beyond figuration. The
emphasis of the show is on the unknown yet common place, the depictable and recognizable but non-figurative:

Maybe simple shapes, primary colours - an assumed simplicity that obscures a reality too complex to perhaps ever comprehend. Images as residues, as questions. Questions for the artist, for the audience, a form of meditation, an unanswerable question posed to the universe - what the fuck are you?
Perennial conceits, for me as the co-curator of this exhibition, are specifically what I try to avoid in my own artwork and what i believe the
artists invited for this show are able to skillfully and elegantly avoid.

Thomas I'Anson, 2012


Video Respiration Machine 0.3 Willem Besselink