Start Date

Nov 28, 2020

End Date

Dec 19, 2020

Sincerely Not Yours - solo exhibition Hester Scheurwater

Rotterdam, January 11th.

The exhibition Sincerely Not Yours was applauded and very well received by the audience that was able to attend. Also, it was cut a week short. Our intention is for everyone to offer a final chance to come and see the show in attendance of Hester. Awaiting further information from our Government we will decide when we are allowed to do this. Of course, while fitting our possibilities in our program.

We look forward to receiving you. Please follow us on our social media such as FB, Instagram, and Linkedin, and keep checking our website.
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Sincerely Not Yours - Hester Scheurwater - solo exhibition

Saturday, November 28 - Grand Opening 2:00 PM - 7:15 PM in four time slots.

November 28 - December 19

Frank Taal welcomes you on Saturday 28 November for the opening of Hester Scheurwater's solo Sincerely Not Yours in Galerie Frank Taal. The opening will be performed by Ellis Kat at 5 pm. Ellis Kat (1993) is a freelance curator, writer, moderator, and feminist collecting cheesy pick-up lines.

You can reserve a time slot between 14:00 - 19:15. (Please scroll down for the link).

Reservations are a requirement in connection with the new COVID outbreak with a maximum of 30 people per time slot.

Hester Scheurwater on Sincerely Not Yours:

With "Sincerely Not Yours" I portrayed women who responded to my call to pose for my camera. I wanted to show these women, who have an affinity with my drive and work, in their im|perfect nakedness. I have tried to express their strength in my photos. With these images, I provide a visual commentary on a one-sided image of women in the media.

My ambivalence towards that image of women as an object is central to this. In "Sincerely Not Yours" the imperfect has sometimes become perfect. That is why I "signed" this pamphlet, this visual letter in public space, with a series of confronting self-portraits. The distribution of hundreds of postcards, stickers, zines, and posters in the public space is part of this letter as a visual pamphlet "Sincerely Not Yours".

Sincerely Not Yours,

Hester Scheurwater

In this solo exhibition, Hester Scheurwater shows a selection of photos that were previously distributed as a visual pamphlet: "Sincerely Not Yours".

"Sincerely Not Yours" was realized with an R&D subsidy from the CBK Rotterdam.