Start Date

Jun 15, 2024

End Date

Jul 20, 2024

Instant Pleasure / This is a fantasy

Two solo exhibitions

Hester Scheurwater | Jake Kelly

Opening June 15th | 16:00 - 19:30


Instant Pleasure invites us to engage with the complexities of identity, desire, and
representation. Scheurwater challenges us to confront our preconceptions and embrace a nuanced understanding of female empowerment and self-expression.

Immerse yourself in this powerful collection and experience the immediacy and depth of Hester Scheurwater’s work.

With this solo exhibition, Scheurwater explores the theme of instant gratification.
Scheurwater's art provides immediate visual and emotional impact, mirroring the fleeting nature of pleasure and the deeper emotions it evokes.

Her works compel us to consider the tension between public and private personas and the facade of perfection versus the reality of human experience.


Why do we often deceive ourselves rather than face reality in our modern world? This is a fantasy. Jake Kelly delves into our societal and individual

cognitive dissonance on issues like pseudo-sustainability, responsibilisation, and value. His sculptures and installations, crafted from rope

and repurposed materials, make profound aesthetic statements about the value of art. Using democratized materials like cheap rope and found objects,

Kelly transforms waste into intricate woven structures, turning the worthless into art.

Frequently, his installations are repurposed from previous works. Kelly often arrives at exhibitions with a small bag, sometimes traveling

by bike or on foot, carrying a folded woven piece that he suspends and adapts on-site over several days.

His sculptures typically start with a single found object, such as a branch or a simple piece of wood, often imbued with personal meaning.

In recent years, the use of recycled materials and the performative aspect of art creation have become more prominent in his work. By incorporating

repurposed plastics, old electrical wires, and waste into his woven structures, Kelly engages with pressing societal issues. Kelly's work

encourages us to embrace our hypocrisies rather than mock them. He believes that honesty with ourselves is essential for true progress.

Through his art, Kelly prompts us to question what it means to create and live sustainably in this world.


Exhibition catalog Instant Pleasure & This is a fantasy