New Black Series


Contrasts or chiaroscuro, color surfaces, geometries of lines, dots, triangles - their symbolic condensation and concentration on recurring elements has made DAY (* 1964, lives in Berlin) to his trademark.


It is based on the fast, restless painting that DAG created in the exploding Berlin club culture and transformed into rapid painting performances in the mid-1990s. As a figurehead of the admired Berlin music and art scene, he toured the whole world. In this rush DAG trained his consciousness for constellations, rhythm, dynamics and developed his characteristic style.


He experiments with various materials and finished colors, which he prefers to find in home improvement stores rather than in artists' supplies. He's interested in structures, shapes and patterns that can be found in everyday life - be it a brick wall, streamers or toys, but also the transient nature of music or words. Translated into abstract surrogates, DAG draws them from the source of his canvases, using his compositional intuition to set them in motion.


With the current series, DAG switches to the black canvas and refers to early computer graphics, which from today's point of view already seems like a digital anachronism. The naive and fragile pixels of that time, however, symbolize the basic framework of our digital identities of the present. But, they are only layers of color signals that generate rhythm, density and extinction. Using the instruments of painting, DAG explores its dimensions. In the interaction of calculation and emotion, generalization and individualization, his pictures become a pulsating metaphor or the contradictory nature of being.



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