Sandro Setola

Sandro Setola

Retreat (I know I can't win)


Retreat was conceived as a portrayal of a person's mental state being caught in the downward spiral of heavy depression. The architecture hints towards an enormous underground nuclear shelter that seems to have grown haphazardly rather than well planned. From the same computer model an installation was made consisting of a 3d printed sculpture and a single channel video film approximately 7 minutes long that takes the viewer from the deepest point in the building up to the surface while showing some of its interiors, abandoned spaces. I also composed the music for the film using samples or opera singers. For an impression of the video please click  this link


The sculpture is made of polyamide and is approximately 35/35/65 cm. large.


Installation was first shown at Tent. Rotterdam, NL and subsequently at ao: Former Sm's Den Bosch, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Cityscapes Foundation, Amsterdam, Schunck *, Heerlen, Stadssalon, Amsterdam.

3d modeling and rendering: Steven Spanjersberg, Robert Remijnse, Jono Lentz. Opera singers: Joël Vuik, Heloïse Bernard, Yonathan van den Brink, Renee van der Stelt.

3d laser sintering by Materialize NV, Belgium

Project was co-funded by CBK Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fonds, NL

The installation is an edition of 3 with 1 AP # 1 owned by private collection Belgium, # 2 collection Schunck *, Heerlen.


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